They now apparently will not let you re-start your internet service with a purchased modem any more. Each year we cancel service in the summer because they charge almost $10 per month for a "vacation hold" on the internet service that we would not be using when we are gone out of the country. They either lied or have removed that option just to screw over the customer who is not willing to pay them for the 6 months they are not using the service. I bought a brand new modem in early 2015 to upgrade to 12Mbps service. Their first lie was that my modem was not compatible with the present technology. That lie became evident when they sent out the same model of rental modem 6 months later to replace the one I owned. Next I was told that policy had changed and they couldn't override getting a new modem with a restart anymore. Lets see now, do you think we could come up with a policy that screws over the customer and puts a bunch on money in Centurylink's pocket. They are good at that. We pay them close to $85 per month for internet and phone with LD when we are here. When we leave we go back to basic phone service to hold our number and cut the internet off. Greed drives this company in almost every instance. They have some first class customer service agents but also have some that are the worst I have ever encountered. The Customer Service Supervisor I spoke with yesterday moved the bar lower to a new level. She was the worst I have ever encountered in my entire life. Just an awful individual and a poor example of humanity. The fact that she has risen to a supervisors level with Centurylink tells you a story. We start and stop most of our utilities every season and only have issues with Centurylink. The company provides a good product at a good price but then ruins it all with their disgusting penny pinching.

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