We have CenturyLink WiFi and it does not work. Every 5 minutes the WiFi it will go off and not work. Which does not work for a family that need to use the WiFi everyday for work and homework. Also their customer service is horrible. We sit on the phone waiting for 1 hour trying to get a hold of them. Then when we do after 20 minutes of arguing with them we get a time for them to come over and fix it. They come over at the time we told them to but without telling us they were here. They do a test and they tell us that it works good and then leave. But they tell us this all on the phone after they left. Because we did not know they showed up. But we do that same thing we test our WiFi and it should be 15-20 which is good WiFi but we have a bandwidth of lower than 1. We have been back and forth with the company for 4 years and it never has gotten fixed. If you are looking for WiFi to get I would not recommend CenturyLink.

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