We moved away from Iowa high in February 2015 and returned our equipment to CenturyLink. I have never heard anything from them since. Today on November 16, I received notification that CenturyLink had turned me into a collection agency. I called CenturyLink and asked what was the problem and I have had no correspondence from your company since we moved. He clarified my current address which they did have so I didn't understand why they couldn't contact me – they also had our telephone number but did not try to contact us that way either. The CenturyLink representative said we were turned into the collection agency because we had not returned our equipment. I told him we most certainly did and he said "give me a minute to let me look." When he returned to the phone he said "oh I guess you did return your modem."

Are you serious, you could have contacted me and we could have resolved this months ago but yet you turned me into a collection agency! I then called the collection agency to make sure that the representative had indeed taken care of this like he said.in my conversation with the representative from the collection agency he said it is quite common for CenturyLink to turn their people into collection agencies without ever having correspondence with them first. What kind of person would want to do business with a company such as this? I have the best credit possible and now have these jerks turning it me into a collection agency. It is resolved but still burns me! Thank goodness I live in Massachusetts and don't need to deal with these morons!

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