We were lied to about a package with DirecTV through CenturyLink being 55.00 total a month. I was paying 65.00 before I was deceived into purchasing the new package and I was perfectly happy with the services as well, but 55.00 dollars sounded like an awesome deal. I knew it sounded too good to be true so I made sure to ask several questions to make sure my bill was only going to be 55.00 a month. Sure enough, just like I anticipated… Our bill 4 months later is 120.00. It's a ritual that every time we receive a bill we have to call CenturyLink, because once again the bill is incorrect.in the past 5 months, we have spent approximately 10 hours on the phone with CenturyLink and our issue is still unresolved.

I filed a claim with the BBB and received a call back from Robert. He was nice at first, but then he began to get rude and decided to tell me that I was exaggerating and looked at the bill wrong. There was no exaggerating! CenturyLink has the capability of replaying all of our phone conversations dating back to 5 months, but they continually refuse! He credited us $100 (so he says), but that does not resolve our issue. Our bill will still come next month and be back to $120.00 and the following 19 months as well.

Every time I call CenturyLink all the employees are super quick to switch us to DirecTV without notifying us that they are doing so. The issue is not with DirecTV. The issue is with CenturyLink as they are the ones who bold-face lied to us. They are the ones who tricked us into getting DirectV when I could have cared less for it in the first place. We have DirecTV THROUGH CenturyLink, therefore, CenturyLink needs to resolve our issue! DirecTV's customer service is great by the way and they have helped us as much as they can… CenturyLink is the COMPLETE opposite.

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