Charter, at least in the Athens GA region, just removed channel 83 (AHCHD) American Hero Channel HD, and 87 (LMNHD) Lifetime Movie Network HD from the package of channels that I pay for. I called to complain that this diminished the value of what I had paid for but they said there was nothing they could do to restore the channels. They explained that the two channels had been moved to a new "tier" that would cost me an additional $12.50 per month and offered to compensate me with a one month free trial. I told them that what I really wanted was my two channels back and failing that, to have my monthly bill reduced. They explained that they would do neither.

So you buy a product or service that is supposed to have certain content and capabilities, but then find out that the company can freely and at a whim, reduce the value of what you have purchased? Really? I suppose there is fine print somewhere that allows Charter to do whatever it wants whenever it feels like it, but in my opinion what they did STINKS and should be corrected.

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