I moved to Crisfield MD 6 months ago and the ONLY provider in town is Charter Spectrum. 2 weeks before we moved in I contacted Charter to have our cable, internet, and phone to be hooked up when we move in. The person on the phone talked about the great high def tv and very fast internet. The technician came out and installed the internet, and then the cable. I asked the technician what channels were the high def channels and he informed me that Charter does not have high def tv in Crisfield. Then he tells me that they also cannot hook a phone up at my house because they do not have the lines on my street.

There is NO other company in Crisfield for TV, internet, or phone, so I am unable to have a home phone or high def TV. I did end up getting Dish network for the TV and have been completely satisfied with them. Also the internet is down at least once a week and sometimes for several days. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with and I am going to start a petition to have them replaced by another company in the Crisfield area.

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