We have a business where we take care of the elderly otherwise known as an Adult Foster Home. Since we've started the business in June of 2015 we've have about 18 different Charter employees come to our house. The first one hooked up all of our lines and put in an amplifier because our house is so large. The Internet and Cable worked great… Then the next worker came to our house to give us another cable box. He decided that we didn't need the amplifier and swore that there was no reason we needed it. After he left we've had nothing but disconnection and problems. We called customer service and told them about our problems and they blamed it on our router because it is not a Charter Communications router… Which cost about 10.00 a month to have. We already pay over 200.00 a month for our service because we have so many cable boxes for our residents individual rooms.

In everything I have learned in my life there is absolutely nothing that tells me buying a Charter router will help our situation. I sincerely believe they are trying to scam us into paying more… Even more than 200.00 per month for cable/internet. We have literally had 18 different Charter employees come out to our business for the multiple problems we have had and each time another one comes out our problems increase. We have been so reluctant to cancel and switch to a different company because we don't want to cause our residents grief in having to lose or wait for a different service.

Now however our cable and internet have so many issues that being out of service for 1-2 or even 3 weeks to switch to a different company seems like a blessing if the new company would just sincerely care about how important the cable and internet are to our residents and ourselves instead of sending out a different employee each time that has little to no idea what they are doing. At this point and time, for the amount of money we pay each month, we could not be more dissatisfied with Charter Communications than we are. Also I'd like to mention that the Charter Company claims that they have battery backed up phone system for emergencies however the State of Oregon insists that this is not true. So we've had to have Century Link come and install a phone line because they do actually have a battery backed up phone service for emergencies.

I'll leave it up to the reader to decide… But if the State of Oregon is correct in this matter that Charter Communications just simply lied to us about their battery backed up emergency phone system. Really we can't imagine a worse communication service provider than Charter Communications. We overpay for service, have had 1 out of 18 competent employees come to our business, and are continually being given the run-a-round when trying to solve our problems. Big Thumbs Down Charter… Please let there be something better out there for us!!! Please Please Please don't make us suffer from Charter Communications anymore!!!

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