What an absolute JOKE. I would estimate that just in the last 3 weeks, Charter ("Spectrum") business has cost me over $3000. Let's go by their latest ad: "Internet starting at 60Mb/s". Our internet has never exceeded 30Mb/s and is typically only around 20Mb/s. Better than DSL? Sure, but not what is advertised. "No hidden taxes or fees". Our monthly bill is around $185. Of that almost $50 is taxes and fees. Taxes and fees I specifically asked about when I signed up – and was told that the price quoted on the phone would be the price I paid every month. Not even close.

"Free long distance calling and over 30 advanced voicemail features." Here is where we get to the REAL problem with an internet/cable company trying to do something they know nothing about. The phone is spotty at best. It is not unusual to lose phone service for a couple hours at least once a week. Their voicemail service is PATHETIC… When it works at all. It can take hours or even DAYS for a voicemail to come through. Do you know what a new customer does when they leave a voicemail and you don't call them back for 3 hours? They call someone else. And it's not that you don't get notifications. If you call to check your voicemail "just to be sure", it will tell you "no new messages". I just today got a voicemail that was left FRIDAY of last week! Guess what… The potential customer took their business to someone who called them back promptly.

I have called their tech support repeatedly about the voicemail issue. They claim they are aware of it and are "working to repair it". 3 weeks that they are working to repair it? Really? 3 weeks? Either they are lying or they need to fire the team (person) that is supposed to fix it. How PATHETIC can one business be? If you are considering Charter Spectrum for your business needs, DON'T. Go somewhere – ANYWHERE – else.

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