I drafted a letter on 11/4/15, for the purpose of resolving a matter with my account with Chase. I have asked for assistance for more than 3 weeks with no resolve. Today, I attempted to pay a bill with my debit card, and was advised by the merchant that the transaction was declined. I consistently check my balances and knew that there were moneys in that account. Upon further research, I was advised by a Chase representative after being transferred to the Fraud Department, that my accounts had been closed and that Chase has terminated my banking relationship with them. My first response was that this must be a mistake. As the banker stated to me, I have been a longstanding customer and have appropriately managed my accounts.in the last year or so I have inherited a lot of responsibility due to a parent becoming ill. That has required me to open and maintain multiple accounts, including representative payee accounts.

I have been diligent in those responsibilities, and therefore I am devastated by the idea of losing my accounts with Chase. I immediately contacted Chase by phone, and was disconnected. At that point, I felt compelled to go to the branch for understanding and resolution. After all, I am the customer who has been patiently waiting for a resolution to my account as previously noted.in no way, would I expect to be further grieved by the possibility of being terminated as a customer. I spoke with the manager of the branch, who too was unable to clarify the reason for the issue. Apologized. And offered me an additional phone number. I am a regular customer, very liked and well-known from state to state. Even they found it difficult to understand why I was in this predicament. The manager stated it was a team that reviews the accounts.

I find it ironic that while I'm in the process of addressing an error on the part of a bank representative, that before that is addressed, I am banned from banking with an institution that I have banked with for a considerable amount of time. I am a hard working person, who has a legitimate source of income. I always present my identification and bank card when requested. I have never incited anger or attacked any banker, teller, etc. Though I have expressed my displeasure when unprofessional conduct on the part of the bank representative has occurred. I have had bumps in my accounts, but have done my best to always resolve those things. Recently, an account was compromised, and a charge off was imminent, however, I went into the branch and advised the banker that I was concerned about the person linked to that account and asked for the account to be closed.

I was told the other person would be responsible for the fees and the closing of that account. The account was no longer available for me to inquire about. As a customer, I feel I should be entitled to know why I am being denied a continued banking relationship with Chase. It has rocked the foundation of what services and products I believed I was receiving from a banking institution that has at least 5,700 branches. I am deflated and devastated.

This is an unacceptable business practice. I would like an explanation and an opportunity to address the concern in an attempt to resolve a matter I didn't know I created. If this is how Chase conducts business, it is unfortunate. Chase has made me feel like a criminal. And if that's not insulting enough, Chase is taking their time to give me access to my funds. I gave bills to pay. Bills their tellers helped get me behind in! I also learned that J. P. Morgan Chase is not affiliated with the BBB. Is that true?

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