I have read the reviews on Chase Bank. Wish I would of read them before opening a account and allow Chase Bank to STEAL my money! I deposited a check from my sister and it has cleared her bank, now they froze my account. Wanting proof my sister wrote the check, they want her to go into a branch with two forms of ID, only problem is there are no Chase banks in her area. Again the check has cleared her bank and they are still keeping my funds collecting interest on it I'm sure. If I kept someone's money that would be theft, but it's OK for Chase to do it? I do not see how that is legal. To beat all, Chase called my sister's old number and discussed the situation with her ex-husband's new girlfriend that has that number now.

Why is Chase Bank allowed to do such a terrible and unprofessional thing? Bottom line is if you want the worst banking experience in your life and allow people to STEAL your money bank at Chase. The most insane part is I read several comments on this site that is just like mine. Sorry sorry bank, if anyone knows of legal action I can take, please let me know…

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