I made a purchase of appliances at Best Buy worth $4,500. At point of sale, I used my CHASE credit card which have credit line of $19,000. The credit card was declined so I called the credit card company for explanation, reason and correct the situation. Over the phone, I gave all the information that can identify me as BLACK and WHITE. I provided my: Social Security number, Date of Birth, Mailing address, How and when I applied for the card, Email address, Numbers on the back of my credit card, Number on front of my credit card. I also identified myself over email link which I received as FRAUD ALERT. Even then they declined my transaction. So I gave up and used other bank card which had good size credit.

After few days, I called Best Buy that I bought appliances and if they can increase my credit line to match that so I can get REWARDS on the transaction; which they approved it and I charged my purchase on the card. I complained about the transaction and misrepresentation even when the credit card company had no reason to deny my transaction to the company.

As a response, I received call from executive team of the company who told me that my credit line is my money to spend and there is no reason for denying the transaction. However, as a defense the company explained that this was unusual transaction. Also added that we like to protect our customer from IDENTITY THEFT or wrongful purchases or wrong transaction! I spend 3 hours of embarrassment and frustration at the point of sales and have no idea where this FRAUD ALERT blocked me. The card remained blocked for few more days. I claim $100,000 for such a negligence, embarrassment, humiliation, and baseless arguments for denying the transaction.

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