I booked a flight to Paris through CheapOair.in light of the recent attacks my wife and I thought it would be best to hold off and cancel the flight until a later time. I used their chat service. I spoke with one rep that quoted me a $250 cancellation fee per passenger. He claimed that if I didn't do the refund that day I would have to pay $350 the next day. I told him I will think about it and he offered the cancellation for $225. Do they get a commission on fees? Never thought I would be pushed by a company to cancel their service. He then gave me his direct contact info in hopes that I would cancel with him in the future.

A couple days later I get a different rep that makes me wait 20 minutes and then offers me a cancellation for $225 and tells me my refund amount. I didn't double check the math but realized that the totals did not add up. Only after he processed my refund did he tell me that the airline charges a separate $300 fee. When I called him out on it he offered a $50 refund. I guess they figure they can try to buy back my loyalty. Seems like a company without integrity. The fees are arbitrary. They will make you pay whatever you are willing to get your money. I will never use them again.

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