I needed a ticket last minute so I booked one and first it got cancelled due to Lufthansa being on strike so I rebooked and accidentally input an incorrect name on the ticket so I called to change the name and am told I cannot change the name, I need to cancel the booking and rebook so I cancel the reservation (this is within the cancellation time) and receive a cancellation email after which I rebook and get a phone call a bit later telling me I have two reservations and the first one with the incorrect name cannot be cancelled anymore without a fee.

So even though I cancelled the reservation, received a confirmation of cancellation, but did not get an email from CheapOair with a number telling me to call them and confirm the cancellation I still get charged for it! After wasting 2 days on the phone with them because they cannot do anything in a timely manner, I had to rebook with KLM directly and pay twice as much as I could have if I would have gone with them in the first place. Never again will I book with this company and I advise everyone who doesn't want to lose money not to as well.

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