Your company is a company that washes their hands of any responsibility. I tried to book a flight over the phone and the guy gave me 15 hour layover in Seattle coming back from Honolulu. Never told me there was a 15 hour layover. When I called to complain they said it was my fault? Like I have the computer there. I guided him by telling him what I was trying to book online and it wasn't working. He told me that he could exactly get me what I was asking for. I never gave him the booking number or anything yet he assumed I wanted a 15 hour layover in Seattle, Washington.

The supervisor said it was my fault like I had the computer in front of me with all the fair airfares. It was my fault that he did not say but there was a 15 hour layover in Seattle. I am so dissatisfied with this company. I will make sure that I leave commentaries wherever I can about your company and the bad treatment by both the reps and the supervisor that was over this booking. This is not right ruining people's vacations and not accepting any responsibility.

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