First, I purchased a 2015 Cruze that stated 29-38 MPG, I was getting 26 all the time, or less. What a joke. Called dealer, was just jerked around, hated that I purchased this car thinking I would get better gas mileage. Also, left a check with the dealer; was told they would hold until my settlement on the car I had was totaled in a wreck came, they sold the check the first week to a collection agency! I was jerked around, lied to about the car and I HATE that I purchased this car. I'm thinking about buying a good used car and let the Cruze sit until I can trade the piece of back. I hate that car. NOW, my boyfriend bought a 2014 Cruze, he loves Chevrolet, we just got back from 3 day drive to Florida, Alabama and back to Georgia.

His tire went flat yesterday, after taking the tire off he discovered the rim had CRACKED!!! I was so thankful to God that this did not happen to us on the road going 75 MPH!!! We could have been killed and/or killed some innocent drivers. I got on the internet and was amazed at how many complaints this car has had!!! The government should make Chevrolet do something about this junk piece of car! Can't wait to get rid of mine! I am very disappointed with American made products these days. Should have stayed with Nissan! I've driven them for over 20 years before I let him talk me into getting a damn Chevy! Never again! And don't buy a car from Rick in Buford, GA!!!

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