I purchased a gently used 2012 Chevy Cruze 18 months ago. I immediately had issues with the car overheating and shutting off all my electronics. The chevy dealership stated that I needed a new battery. I just had to take it back into the dealership this week because I went to start it one morning for work and it wouldn't start. I had the battery tested at NAPA and O'Reillys, both stated that my battery and alternator were just fine. The alternator was at 15 volts, they stated 14 was normal.

I went to purchase a battery, just in case, but when we jumped the car again to go to buy it, it would not fully shift into gear. It would just rev the engine, then occasionally it would lurch while making an awful 'ker-chunk' sound. We had to get it towed to the dealership. They stated it was a dead battery and once replaced everything was fine. However, they also had to fix a leaking axle seal. I have had nothing but issues with this vehicle. The number of recalls is ridiculous, and I feel that there has to be some underlying issue that the dealership won't acknowledge, because two new batteries in 18 months is ridiculous.

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