After a vacation hold, my paper has not been delivered. I tried to report online and the website is broken. I am able to (seemingly) report on the 800# but I don't think that's working either, as requests for 'redelivery' are ignored and then I just have to call a second time to ask for credit. I don't think the credits are being applied either based on recent messages from customer service. This has been going on for 10 days straight. Before my vacation it was spotty delivery and late almost every day but most days it eventually arrived. Since Nov 8th, nothing. I report "missed paper" every day. Talked to CS a week ago, and got a 'courtesy credit' which I don't think worked because yesterday I was billed for my subscription! Have received two emails from CS that they are working on it. It shouldn't be this hard. It's the same carrier who brings my NWI Times and that comes every day. Why would this person not bring my Tribune. At this point I'm actually paying for something I'm not receiving, so I'd be stupid not to cancel this 'subscription'. Yet I have resolved to give them three more tries and on Friday I'm going to cancel and ask for a refund for the past month of no-paper-received.

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