Ordered a large fruit tray — 90 % just diced apples with about a dozen blueberries, a few mandarin oranges and a few strawberries sliced on top of the apples. The apples were also coated with something (I presume to keep them from turning brown) but it made them taste like hand sanitizer. $50 for something inedible and made a very poor impression on event guests. Also ordered a large Chick-fil-A chicken minis tray — should be MICRO-minis — ridiculously small and embarrassing to have so little food for event – Site said 3/serving!?! – should be at least 6 per serving. We were scrambling to make sandwiches of our own to add to trays. Generally love Chick-fil-A and support them whenever I can, but this was horrible and inadequate — 11/14/15,10 AM, Memorial City Houston location. Lemonade was good.

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