I went to your store in Pompano Beach FL yesterday. The service is always good and it is kept clean. I ordered your two mini hamburgers with fries. You have changed this item. It consisted of two LARGE buns a (huge amount of bun) that hid the burger. I opened the sandwich to find about an ounce of beef, and a quarter ounce sliver of cheese. This dish use to be just a little less then a half size of your regular hamburger. You have been down sizing for the last year that I have noticed which is not positive. This two mini burger dish is a joke. For $4.99 you have a HUGE profit and an inferior dish. If you can not do better then this take it off the menu or better yet go back to the way it was before you down sized. You should be ashamed of yourself for offering such pitiful dish.

DiAnne Shumard

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