We visited the Chili's location in Collierville, Tn. On 10/14/15 at 3:00 P.M. Few ppl were there and no hostess and only 3 waiters. After a 20 minute wait (we asked the bartender for seating but were told someone would seat us shortly however she made no attempt to tell someone we were waiting) We were finally seated by the kitchen, (where we listened to the usual fighting amongst the cooks and the waiters) apparently everone who works there hates their job. We checked our rewards history and see that we have eaten there 17 times since 07/10/15, and those are the tims we paid for our party. After another 10 minutes, a waiter took our order. I wanted to check the rewards balance on the tabletop Ziosk tablet but it wouldnt work. When this occurred during my numerous previous visits the Ziosk was fixed by rebooting it by taking out the battery. I couldn't figure out how to do this so I asked a waitress who was walikng by. She said I had to wait till my waiter hadnt placed the food order so I couldnt get a check. I told her I wasnt trying to get a check but wanted to sign into rewards. I've seen other waiters do this. She snatched the Ziosk from my hands, pulled out the battery and slammed it on the tabletop so hard that it fell off onto the seat. She stormed off in temper tantrum. I refuse to be disrespected by some 19 year old teenage with an attitude. So we got up and left with a promise never to return. We have been to this Chili's at least 200 times in the past 10 years but there won' t be a 201th time. I did attempt to speak to a manager but he wasn't available or just didn't want to get involved, (which is probably why the cooks and waiters are always fighting)

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