I was appalled at the Chipotle near my house. When I lived in Washington, DC, I ate at Chipotle faithfully every week. I had not been to the one near my house in Florida in awhile because my husband is not as much a fan as I was. We ordered dinner from the one on PGA Boulevard in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. It was so dirty inside that I wanted to leave. We did order take out (I would not stay in there). The staff was so unprofessional! The chicken was BURNING on the grill. I told them that it was black and still no one touched it by the time we left. They were out of mild salsa (in a Mexican restaurant???). The young guy that took our order was hard to look at (the holes in his ears were nasty). The woman that was working the register told us to hold on and she went somewhere for a little while. Really? We were there 11/12/2015 around 8:00 P.M. There were more staff there than customers. It was a gross experience and I will not return. Very filthy environment in our very nice city!!

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