We signed up for Choice Hotel rewards on a road trip recently. At the hotel where we signed up, we were told that we have one of two needed stays & then our third stay will be free. We stayed at a sexing hotel, then at the third hotel, they said that the first stay didn't count, so we paid for the 3rd night. Then on our 4th attempt to get our free night, we were told that the third night had not posted yet, so we were unable to get the free night. We stayed somewhere else. All of our attempts to stay at the Choice Hotels involved multiple phone calls & great frustration. Now today, I called again to try & get our free room after staying 3 nights which all should have posted, only to be told, that the free hotel is dependent on points earned, not nights stayed. This is the first we've heard of this. We are so frustrated & will NEVER stay in another Choice HOTEL. Beware!!!

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