1Cor. 14: [40] Let all things be done decently and in order.

To Whom It May Concern:

(Howard Wilson Chrysler; Lakeland, Flowood, MS)
Ref: High Recommendations for Mr. Jimmy Morgan, Customer Service Rep.

I am writing this in reference to the good quality care I have received from Customer Service Rep. Jimmy Morgan over the few years that I have been coming as a client periodically; I have always noticed that in his dealings with other clients that his ethics and moral standards have always remained the same for all the clients and never changes.

His commitments and integrity are very Excellent on behalf of Howard WilsonâЂ™s Chrysler and that is good. He treats all of his Howard WilsonâЂ™s customers with Courtesy and Concern; which reflects the way an Entity as Howard Wilson CorporationâЂ™s Caliber is displayed in their integrity of Customer Care.

Customer Service Rep. Jimmy Morgan always checks to ensure everything for my Vehicle which I come in to have done is done; and he goes over the job performed with me, as well. I have also observed this Professionalism with other clients that he exhibits every time I come in to have work on my Vehicle and I am pleased with the good, ethical and moral character and customer service which he performs.

I feel as a Client, that his Excellent Standard of Care towards the Chrysler Corporation Entities (Customers) is very well displayed as well as perceived by (us) the Customers and is very much noticed and appreciated.
In Conclusion, I would like to thank the Customer Service Center for their calls to check to ensure that the problem which I came in for is no longer a problem. Thank you again for making sure that my family and I stay safe while driving a Chrysler Vehicle; and therefore, when we are ready to upgrade to a newer Vehicle it will be a Chrysler.

Thanking you for the Excellent Customer Service.

1Cor. 14: [40] Let all things be done decently and in order.

(יהוה The Nation of Yahweh) Teaching Priest Malachy A Yisrael
(Ministering angel of Yahweh Ben Yahweh)

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