I had to get two bolts for my daughters 1996 Jeep Cherokee on 11/11/15. I gave her the part so she could have it put on her fuel tank bracket. Can you believe it DIDN'T come with bolts! Are you kidding me? At $39.99 per bolt (which is ridiculous in the first place, they are only worth $7.00-10.00 per bolt, per someone that works for one of your dealers), the mark-up is absurd! But NOT to come with the bolts at that cost is just incomprehensible! I would like to have the cost of the bolts that we now need to go out and buy, mind you, at a hardware store, to get this Jeep back together. Your company should be ashamed of itself, as should be all of the "Big 3" as they used to be referred too, for such price gouging. One unhappy consumer.
Kaye L. Zwolinski

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