My 2016 Dodge Dart shifter cable broke or came loose 7/22/2019. I called the local dealership to get a price on the repair and was told the part was on recall and to bring it in. I did so a day later, no complaints about the local dealer, they were friendly, courteous, fast, and accommodating. I was told by the service advisor what I needed to do and who to call. I did as directed and that is where this nightmare starts. I called the Chrysler Customer Care 1-800 number (1-800-247-9753) 7/23/2019 after 3 pm and was purity abrasively informed (by male operator) that the dealer has a temp repair part to replace the original until the replacement part is released sometime in late August 2019; and told to call them and tell them they needed to use said part to repair my vehicle. Desperate for a solution to my problem, I called the local dealership again, informing them as aforementioned. Again, the dealership personal were friendly, courteous, and accommodating but had no knowledge of a temp repair part, and asked me to call the Customer Care number again and get a part number and have them to set me up a case number. At this point, I am still not irritated, or angry in the slightest bit. As a matter of fact, I am rather thankful that I have a path toward a solution. I called again, politely attempting to state my case, no attitude at all, but before I got a sentence out my mouth, the new operator (a female, breathing heavily into the phone) grunted or gasped and hung up on me. Shocked, I called back immediately, and the same person answered the call, and I said, either we had a disconnect or I was hung upon. She said, rudely, yeah ok, ok, yeah, what can I help you with. I explained everything concerning the vehicle and the replacement part. she then puts me on hold for over 20 minutes and sends me to a depart which had nothing to do with parts, cases numbers, or my situation at all. So had to call back, and finally got a case number. Called the dealership back and gave case number, Advisor took it from there. about a few minutes later he contacts me and informs me that there is no temp part and that I will need a rental til vehicle can be repaired. He also tells me, Chrysler will help me out, but I needed to call the Customer Care line again to set the rental up. I called early the next day and the lady on the phone had far better customer service skills. She set my case up for review and said it would take 2 to 3 business days for approval if approved. I waited 5 days and called back, on 7/31/2019 at 2:02, and once again before I could fully explain why I was calling I was hung upon. Here we go again!!! These calls can be being monitored or reviewed for customer service issues, as the prompt states. If it is being monitored and reviewed, then they are not teaching, training or correcting employee pertaining to customer service violations; or management just does care! Chrysler's "Customer Care" 1-800 service is the thing of nightmares!!!

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