Have had stomach pain for over a week. Received a referral for a CT scan from GI on Monday. Had an appointment scheduled for Wed (Today) to have a CT scan on my abdomen to determine what's the cause of the pain. Advanced Radiology had to cancel my appointment due to CIGNA's Dictatorship policies. Meanwhile I am in severe pain and something could be seriously wrong. CIGNA said it takes 48 hours or more for a referral to be approved. Meanwhile something serious could be going on and could be prevented if caught early.

I have CIGNA's best insurance policy you can have. I work my butt off to pay for my insurance but get treated like I should be overseas in the Middle East. Customer service says "well too bad so sad." Why are hardworking Americans get screwed? In the meantime I am missing work or at work struggling because it's painful. So why do I pay an arm and a leg for insurance when it doesn't work for me? Worst insurance ever.

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