My Family Dr sent me to MD Anderson at the Suspicion Of Cancer Clinic. My Family Dr had a Cat Scan done of my neck without dye because my neck and face had swelling. They found my lymph nodes were all enlarged and I had a nodular on my thyroid. My MD Anderson Dr requested a CAT scan with dye, so they can see where to do a biopsy. Cigna denied my test, they said I have to have a biopsy before the Scan. My MD Anderson dr. Went to her surgeon and he said he couldn't tell what the largest nodular was attached to, said that it would be too dangerous for him to do the biopsy. So I called Cigna, they then transferred me to their 3rd party people (Advocore) (don't know if I spelled it right but its close) that approves all testing.

The lady I got on the phone told me that I have to follow protocol, biopsy then Scan with dye. I told her they need the Scan with dye to see where to biopsy. She was very cold hearted and rude. I told her what she could do with her protocol. My HR at my job told me we will be looking to get rid of cigna. So in the mean time I wait, do I have cancer or not, if so is it spreading. Don't know what to do now.

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