I am a customer in South Africa, Kwazulu natal, Richards Bay.

in 2013 we invested approx. 1.5 million rand in Cisco wireless equipment (AP's and controllers) and till date (18 Nov. 2018) this kit has not been activated. The implementation partner Business Connexion has had constant problems in implementing this solution in our production environment and had to constantly load TAC cases with Cisco to assist.

Unfortunately Cisco has thus far failed to see the urgency of this and respond when they prompted. Thus far Cisco has been using my site as an R & D facility for their equipment i. E. When we log a call Cisco engineers will provide a solution – this is tried and usually fails and a another is logged and this has gone on for 2 years now.

This is disappointing support from Cisco but you never to request your PSS cost from me although equipment is still sitting in boxes.

Is there anyone at Cisco than can provide me with support to get this solution work for me so that I can realize my investment. If your Cisco equipment is not compatible with an industrial environment – please confirm and we will write of this amount and opt for some other more predictable wireless solution.

I will await your response. Contact me on

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