I purchased a Cisco 890 Series C892FSP-K9 router which arrived with not a spec of technical documentation or software for getting it installed. After two full days of searching their website and trying various recommended procedures without success, I emailed their technical support. I was told that even though the unit was obviously under warranty, it was an enterprise product (even though it was advertised as appropriate for a home office), and I would have to purchase a service contract before they could help me. Since I really wanted to use it, I spent two more days trying to get it working, before sending it back to the vendor. Much of the information on the website was contradictory, so it was difficult to tell if I had ever followed the needed procedures.in retrospect, I think I probably dodged a bullet by getting rid of it. On a scale of 0 to 10, I would rate this company a minus 5. With the poorly designed user interfaces on their products, they have created a technical support nightmare for themselves and their customers.

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