In 2013 my husband went to prison for 5 years, I sent papers for modification of loan and said if they would lower my interest 9.65% to a decent rate I could pay $600 a month. I am retired, lost my 26 year business and bankrupted because of my husband. They called me and said that all would be fine, they could lower and help me. Never heard anything from them for nearly a year, then only 2 calls for information. Then one day I got 14 exact copies of legal foreclosure papers stating owed $132,000 but when called CitiFinancial, they said $119,000. Then following day a woman came into my yard, handed me a exact copy of same legal papers stating $119,000 and Dec 18 auction on house.

Also when we refinanced before recession they told us they were lowering our payments. When we picked up papers they said was a problem and after we signed they took papers back and said come back. When we did, the woman who did the loan had quit and the payments were $300 higher, than had said. I have tried to work with them. I have written and written, they never respond.

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