Both my husband and I have tried to work with our assigned representative for months. He is non-responsive to our needs to temporarily lower our mortgage payment. He has made "1" single attempt with a phone call. We have filled out numerous forms, which were sent through email in Spring 2015. CitiMortgage keeps making excuses and states we still have missing forms. They are intentfully delaying the assistance of lowering our monthly payment. I tried to reach out to Mr. Calvin, who I will say is the worse Mortgage Rep., who refuses to even discuss the mortgage account.

The excuse today on 11/19 is "I don't conduct business through email." He doesn't conduct business over the phone either. He makes very little effort to assist our needs. Every time my husband and I try to call together, Calvin is NEVER available or in a meeting per the statement of another representative. I don't understand why it takes "defaulting" a loan in the period of 3 months to get assistance. By that time your credit is damaged. We are 1 payment behind, but this has happened twice.

I feel that CitiMortgage is NOT WILLING or trying to work with us at all with temp. Needs. They DO NOT have the best interest in our credit. Both my husband and I are requesting a third party to intervene to clearly see what is being done to us at this time unethically. I told Calvin that I would have to ask for consumer affairs assistance if he is not willing to work with us. He actually finally responded stating "do not contact me and stop threatening me" on 11/19 around 11am. As God as my witness I never once sent a threatening message to this man.

He simply doesn't want to work and makes every excuse to not be available. It is very obvious this rep is not willing. Again, both my husband, I and phone calls "together" have tried to work with CitiMortgage. They are purposively delaying assistance. Again, this started in Spring 2015. And the last time I checked, a complaint and request for third party assistance, is not a violent threat. I can say I have never come across this type of rep. Before. "Not available, do not email me, stop threatening me, I don't conduct business by email, I am in a meeting…" It is one excuse after another to just get simple assistance from him to ethically.

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