Had the worst experience ever. Received a letter asking for insurance proof after I refinanced with CitiMortgage. I had my insurance company to fax over with a proof of received. 2 weeks later, I received another letter asking for a proof but this time, they provide a website for me to upload which I did it again. After 2 weeks, another letter came in with title "2nd and FINAL notice" to provide proof of insurance before they start to charge me at $6000 for the annual insurance (Currently paying $500 yearly). I called their CitiMortgage customer service but was transfer around the company for the right person to talk with. Talked to first lady, she said not her dept. Got transfer to another dept. And was told she can't access my account. Now the 3rd lady, after she took down all my info, she hung up on me. This is the worst experience ever. Never solve customer's problem but just keep wasting time forwarding the call around.

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