The worst service ever, if you get a response or if they answer their phone! Submitted my application 7 months ago to them, took them 2 months to upload it and then they did not submit all the paper work. Kept saying i must ignore the SMS's stating paperwork is outstanding. In June my application finally went through to an assessor at the labor department, who requested the last paperwork. I went through my papers (which i collected back from Claim 4 Angels) and noticed what the labor dep needs is not there!! Claim 4 Angels lost my papers!! Fortunately i still had the ones I scanned in to the Medical aid. That same day my claim got approved by labor dep. Now, Claim 4 Angels keep putting the blame on the Labor dep, but its them who dont care about our claims and if we get our money, as they already got theirs!!
Now i cant get access to my ufilling profile to request my next payment and Claim 4 Angels is doing nothing and also not giving me access to my profile so i can do it myself!
They are utterly useless!! And making money off of us!!

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