I was a non-paying member of Classmates.com. On November 11th, 2015 I received an e-mail from Classmates.com stating I had 1 Completed Profile Request, so I logged into my account, and in my Inbox, the subject line said, "this is the story you have been waiting for". I assumed it was from a friend, from Facebook (I left Facebook 6-8 months ago) that didn't have my e-mail address. As we all know, we can no longer read our messages unless we pay for a subscription. Well, foolish me, I fell for it, and paid for a 3 month membership. AFTER I paid, and logged into my account, there wasn't any message.

I sent Classmates.com a message via their Help Center and told them about it, and told them to cancel my subscription. They ignored me, so my husband filed a dispute with Paypal. On Paypal, I found the e-mail address for Classmates.com and sent them an e-mail. Today, I received a message from "David" from Classmates.com, saying he was sorry to hear that I didn't wish to continue as a paying member, and an explanation how to opt out of automatic billings AFTER my current paid membership expires. Don't believe it when they send you an e-mail stating you have a message.

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