Yup. Got sucked into an intro offer for $7.50 and did use it occasionally out of curiosity more than anything else. No, didn't read the fine print 'cause the magnifying glass was not available and those things generally put me to sleep. So now I have a charge of $15 appearing on PayPal and I'm saying HUH! Contacted PayPal and of course it was all canned audio "ring around the rosie" crud. Contacted Classmates.com (an actual live human voice — wonder of wonders) and the best she could do was to issue a confirmation # to cease future automatic billings (not the $15 that was already billed to PayPal). This sort of tactic reminds me of a well known international retirement information magazine that hijacks your cc# and you play hell to get it stopped. Thankfully I didn't bite on that one.

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