I got a Groupon deal that turned out to be complete BOGUS – like the whole process. The deal in a nutshell is that you get an eye exam and 300 dollar off designer frames – notably if you purchase the same day of the exam, i. E. Very little time to consider your purchase. I chose a pair of Versace frames. While I've later found out that Versace frames average around $150-$250, the frames I looked at were around $450-$500. Ive seen no other store pricing them at this level, so a reasonable assumption is that this is Cohen's markup to make up for the discount. Add to that lenses at a cost between $200-$300 and you get the picture, no deal.

I regretted my purchase almost instantaneously and walked into the store 5 minutes later to ask for a refund. I told them that I was of course willing to pay for the eye exam, but needed to think about the purchase itself. I was informed that it was too late, because they just put the order through. Now, a normal/professional business policy would be that as long as the client asks for a refund within a reasonable time, ie. They HAVEN'T STARTED processing the order/making the lenses yet, the order could be cancelled and a refund processed with minimal inconvenience. Not the case; Cohen's would only offer store credit store policy. Well, Cohen's, your store policy is rotten. Don't buy into this scam – I will recommend NO ONE to use either the Cohen's Groupon or Cohen's Optical in general with the current return policy.

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