I purchased glasses from these people back in feb of 2015. I thought nothing of it at the time as I needed glasses and was told they were reputable. Little did I know. Since feb I have been back frequently to get adjustments as these lenses are too heavy and doesnt seem like they were made right and they tend to give me a headache due to the weight on my nose. I contacted Cohen's to let them know I was displeased. They suggested I see someone else in the store for an adjustment. She was a headache by itself. She was rude, unprofessional and tightened my glasses so much I cant wear them. It took her 45 min to adjust them. I dont think she knew what she was doing in the first place, even though she claimed she did. Was doubtful! This is a horror of a company to deal with, I want an exchange at this point. I will never waste a single dime with them again. Talking to their customer service is also a challenge, they simply dont care.

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