Stay Away. We recently bought a lake home and Angela and Jason and this firm represented the seller. Angela showed us the home after we contacted them. It took about an hour. There was another realtor there showing the property also. We decided after that meeting to use a family member to be our realtor since they represented the seller, too. We sent a very polite note of apology and thanks. They went ballistic. They contacted our family members boss and made her split her commission with them. They showed the email I sent and used it against our family member. Nice pay for an 1 hour of work. They are so unprofessional. Later we found the other realtor was her husband Jason. We feel this was a fake showing. Angela never mentioned he was her husband.

In fact she acted like she really didn't know him at all and was disturbed he was there. She sent us a note after the showing that there was another offer – who knows the seller took ours right off. They are very slimy – watch out. We asked during the sell to have them let us in for measurements after we paid in 48,000 in non-refundable earnest dollars. They said they were too busy. Awful, Awful – stay away! I would never, never, never use them ever.

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