I am at home unable to talk/speak as I am writing this. This is the 3rd day in a row of work I have missed. I used Colgate Total lasting mouthwash a couple of times and noticed it gave me a couple of ulcers. So I stopped using it. I don't know why but figured I would use it again and this time I used it a few days in a row. One of the biggest mistakes of my life. I had to go to the emergency room! My mouth is sooooooooo jacked up I cannot eat solid foods or even talk. It's hard to sleep because if my cheek touches anything I wake up.

My mouth started peeling on Friday, it got worse and more painful throughout the weekend. By Monday I knew I was in trouble and went to the ER. I cant even look inside my mouth it hurts too much. The doctor gave me a medicated mouthwash called magic mouthwash to help with the pain but I need something more potent. My mouth feels like I chewed up razor blades or gargled with acid. I cannot believe this product was approved by the FDA and nobody should use this. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE PAIN! One star is the worst rating you can give a product on this form. I would rate it negative 1 million stars.

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