Colorado Technical University uses guerrilla marketing techniques to capture Veterans and exploit them for their GI Bills and the betterment of their FOR PROFIT status. Not only was I duped by a CTU recruiter, being told that my school would be absolutely free and everything would be taken, when in reality I had to use financial aid from the US government plus my GI Bill Awards in order to maintain enrollment, but now they are reporting me to credit bureaus, hindering my ability to obtain the small business loan I need for a semester of school that I never attended.

They are Veteran Blood Suckers and should be ashamed to call themselves "Military Friendly." I have started a magazine in Colorado Springs called Military Discount Magazine, and I will use it, as well as any other resource I can to ensure that my brothers and sisters in arms don't make the same mistake I made by trusting them with the GI BILL awards that I earned

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