I was sequestrated in 2014
Colvan only contacted me in 2016, after which I had to supply them with tons and tons of docs.
It cost me over R700 for bank statements from previous years and then just like that they were gone.

I contacted a lawyer to get myself rehabilitated, but then Colvan replied to them that there is money outstanding for movable assests and that they wont give the go ahead unless it is paid.

They then asked for my contact details…details which have not changed in almost 10years. I have also been employed by the same company for over 13years, so how could they not contact me, when our contact was via my work email the last time.

I smell a money making scheme.

I made a vid of how none of their numbers work, including the ones on their emails, I will now contact the ombudsman and see how things work out from here.

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