About three weeks ago one of our tvs went out. Comcast was very quick to schedule a service visit which was awesome. However after a two hour visit, heavy furniture moved, cords disconnected, and no problem solved I was a little shocked and disappointed in the service. Right after the service man came and solved nothing, two more tvs went out due to lost connection. (Maybe the multiple cords he pulled apart and left?) So I just got off the phone with customer service for the 2nd time. First time I was told to order a new box at my cost. I did. Problem still exists. This time I was clear. "I want another service visit by a different person bc now 3 tvs have lost signal." After an hour on the phone with this woman my tv is still broke, she wouldn't let me schedule a service visit, and then she ended the call and hung up. Great job Comcast. We'll be canceling in the next few days.

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