Comcast has the worst customer service in the industry!!! Hands down. Cancelled services with them after 10yrs, due to moving and didn't care for the service much when I had them. I did have a balance (who doesn't they're so damn high), that I was paying on prior to moving. I made a payment in Oct, and just received a collection notice for none payment. Called their office of presidents dept, which is a recording and left several messages and no one has called me back yet. Called back to their customer service dept. Got another one of their incompetent reps, who said she was transferring me to their collections dept; she transferred me to a CORRECTIONS facility. Comcast doesn't have a collections dept; it's through a third party.

Finally spoke to a rep with a little sense that explained why the acct was sent to collections. She stated that even though I have been making payments to the acct, the acct was more than 30 days delinquent when I cancelled services; so any payments made to the acct doesn't cancel out the delinquent status and will cause the acct to be transferred to collects. I told her it was one of the most ridiculous things I had ever heard in my life. I had been delinquent with them while having the service, and I was never turned over to collections. I believe turning me over to collections was a deliberate move on their part because I cancelled services. Whatever you do DON'T get Comcast.

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