I am completely displeased and in disgust of the unprofessionalism of your business!!! Not only have I still NOT received my cable installment that was scheduled 2 weeks in advance and planned to be installed on Friday, Nov. 6,2015, but your customer service reps just continued to lie and waste my time. Needless to say no one ever showed up Friday night after me waiting over 4 hours! (And it was my daughter's birthday.) No call to apologize for not showing up. No prompt service to show up the next day in an effort to accommodate my time wasted and lost. No one has made a peep! And when I've gone the route of calling customer service, they let me know they can never reach your dispatchers, put me on hold over and over, only to tell me they will call back which they never do.

You can imagine my frustration at this point. The quality of your service is below poor. You clearly do not care about your customers or potential customers for that matter. As a result I am opting to look for services elsewhere with Verizon Fios or AT&T Uverse because this company just does not fit the bill!!! Thanks for nothing! I will be sure to also write a review on any service board I can find to fairly warn them that it's not worth the purchase.

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