I have had issues with one of my boxes since I started with Comcast 4 months ago. I had someone come out and "fix" it but that didn't work and again I was left with a non-working box in my bedroom. I called back and was told they were updating the system and it should work fine in an hour. Well, shockingly it wasn't working so I had to call back and make ANOTHER appointment for someone to come out and fix it. The technician came out and messed with a bunch of wires on the side and back of the house and I told him that there were 3 other apartments in the house to be careful because they all had cable. He told me he fixed it and went on his merry way. A few hours later I get a call from the tenant above me telling me that they now had no cable or internet.

I called back and was told that I would have to make an appointment for a technician to come out and fix it and that wouldn't be for another 3 days. So let me get this straight, your technician messes up the lines and now we have to be inconvenienced? I asked to speak with a supervisor as I was getting nowhere with the call center. I was told they have no way to get in contact with their technicians (which I find ridiculous) and then I was told because it was not my apartment they couldn't prove it was the technician who messed it up. SERIOUSLY??? So it's a coincidence that the technician came out that morning and then all of a sudden the cable and internet is out upstairs? The supervisor would not budge.

I then tried the online support, nope. Nothing. I literally spoke with the technician for an hour and he did absolutely NOTHING. She did do something, he gave me the number to the Comcast store and the hours which clearly states they are closed on Saturday. Yeah, thanks for that! Then he had the audacity to say that once a technician came out he was 100% sure that I would have no more issues. Oh is that right? Then why did they have to come out twice to fix the same problem I have had? I have moved around quite a bit and have many different cable companies and I have to say this company is the WORST. I never write on these pages but I felt a need to vent because their customer service is TERRIBLE!

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