I know people rarely write about the good so I want to be fair. The young woman who helped us exchange our old modem was not only pleasant but helpful. She looked at our monthly rate and repackaged us for less. For that we are grateful. Otherwise customer service is quite poor. The male receptionist was not sympathetic to the fact that we were on the phone last night twice, each time for 20 minutes only to be told the first time to leave a message. The second time they just hung up. We spent another 1.5 hours on the phone but it was because the tech was trying to figure out why the new modem does not work and cut off phone and cable service as well. Turns out this is a defective modem that was previously issued to another customer and we have the password to prove it! Did I mention this is our second visit in two days and instead of an apology or the pretense of caring they are making us wait AGAIN.

My point is that if there were another cable company in the area they would feel the competition and try harder. Usually this competitiveness forces people to try harder. Time Warner should not allow themselves to be part of this disgrace. Dare I say the government should not allow this monopoly to go forward. Ending on a positive note the store is clean, plays music and has lots of seating. At least they know you are in for a long wait.

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