I stopped receiving emails in my inbox as of Oct 14 2015. Called Comcast on Oct 27th to register a complaint, where I was then transferred to "Level 2 Security". A tech did call me back over the following 2 days asking if the issue was resolved, which, sadly, the answer was no. I was told this was a Level 2 Security problem (duh) and I was again transferred, but they had no record of my previous calls outlining the problem. Numerous "test" emails were sent, more than one tech was inside my account while we're on the phone, and all settings in "my preferences and my account" were set correctly. As of today, the problem still continues, but the last tech I spoke with told me this was not an uncommon problem with Comcast customers and their incoming emails. I recently read that individuals have been gaining access to Comcast accounts/emails and selling them for the purpose of scamming people out of money, sending spam and other illegal activity. The thought of *anyone* using my name and account for fraudulent purposes galls me to no end and Comcast has done nothing to resolve this issue. Folks, please be aware—this can easily happen to anyone even with appropriate firewalls, malware and spyware in place. (Bucks Co, Pa)

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