I used Comcast internet connection their modem with 12mb/second until August 2015, no T. V for $55.59 tax included.in October 2015, I had Comcast on the phone, good news! According to them, for the same amount, they upgraded me to 75mb/s T. V, which I accepted.in fact, their internet speed had never reach 75mb/s, the maximum was 43mb/s! The first surprise was the bill received in October 2015, $69.95 and no more $55.59. After 6 calls because they hang up the phone, Comcast gave me their claim ticket number and assured me that the price without the TV was $41.74 tax included (I did not receive yet their box for the TV). Comcast assured me that the next bill with the T. V will be $55.59.

Surprisingly, the bill in November, has jumped to $176.46!! So I called Comcast again, this time I asked them to take back their TV, erased the bill and charged me as it used to be until August, that what Comcast did. As soon as they have disconnected the TV, my have lost the connection every 5 minutes because they have lowered the speed to only 3mb/s. I have never seen a horrible company like this before…

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