I was just on the phone with a customer service agents and I felt like she was really rude and was not really listening to what I was saying. First of all I was calling trying explain about a money order on the bill and she was talking to me like I was stupid or something. I told her we had a Comcast in Tuscaloosa AL and she telling me "no sir we don't" when clearly I pay my bill there every month and I was explaining that I dropped a money order off in the drop box and she was like "why would you drop it if its due."

Not that it was any of her business but I got off after our local Comcast hours that's why I dropped it and long as I'm paying it why would it matter anyway then. She kept saying "so why wouldn't they receive the check this time" and I know I told her maybe 4 times that, that was my first time dropping a money order and she was just really rude like I've never talked to anyone at Comcast that was rude but her and I feel like that very unacceptable period.

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