I was using AT&T 3Mbps internet earlier and never had any complaints, but as my new apartment has Comcast internet I went on with Comcast 6Mbps assuming I would get double the speed which is more than enough for me. But I noticed that I could not do Facetime, stream music or have fast browsing etc, then I did a speed test to realize that I was only getting a max speed of 1-2 Mbps and never more than that when I am paying for 6 Mbps. I called the customer care, and they tried trouble shooting and they said "You should get at least half the speed, " and that's the max they can do. I was SHOCKED.

They also mentioned that my package is 25 Mbps which was hard to believe, and they did something from their end to get 6 Mbps speed which was only for some time. When I checked the speed in the evening the story repeats, so I called them next day and they said they will send their technician to troubleshoot. Asked me to signup for their Service Plan, otherwise they may charge me for the technician visit. Technician came, checked the speed and went on call for 15 mins to come back and say that my package is 6 Mbps and so they can't guarantee more speed (1-2 Mbps) which was very disappointing. He says, "WiFi is like that. We can't do anything." Such a lame excuse from XFINITY. I thought I would try for few more weeks, but it is no better.

I am very disappointed to waste the Installation charges ($49.99) and the modem cost ($140) which was again suggested by them. Stay away from Comcast XFINITY.

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